Book Review – Merging The Drift

“How much do you know about your death?” On the morning of his 18th birthday Ali woke up to his family home unusually silent, and deserted. He soon learns that he never lived the childhood he remembers and all his memories up until that point are fake. He is now alone, and an occupant ofContinue reading “Book Review – Merging The Drift”

Book Review – The Flower Girl Murder

My fellow readers! I kindly request you to clear your schedules and allow your electronic babysitter, television, to watch the children ( don’t feel guilty about it). With that said, have I got a treat for you.  The Flower Girl Murder written by Keith Hirshland is a fast-moving, crime thriller set against a North CarolinaContinue reading “Book Review – The Flower Girl Murder”

Book Review – Randy Love, At Your Service

Meet Randy Love. He is a young, charming, undeniably handsome lad, who puts you in the mind of a 21st century Dorian Gray ( walking around in holey boxer shorts.)  If you are seeking a quick pick –  me – up, then look no further because Randy Love, at your Service is the one forContinue reading “Book Review – Randy Love, At Your Service”