Book Review – Merging The Drift

“How much do you know about your death?”

On the morning of his 18th birthday Ali woke up to his family home unusually silent, and deserted. He soon learns that he never lived the childhood he remembers and all his memories up until that point are fake. He is now alone, and an occupant of the Drift, an entity where deceased children coexist as their adult selves, with the ability to view a parallel version of their being in a separate, fictional world, without any influence or control over this life path.

Almost three years on, Ali has settled into a routine, but events from the real world he was taken from as a child begin to impact on the limits of his existence as he develops a strange connection with a fellow occupant seeking an unprecedented truth that surfaces a disturbing past and will forever bind together multiple souls.

Follow Ali and three others over the course of a mind-bending week as each seeks comfort and answers from their existence.

My Review

Merging The Drift is the first instalment of this epic psychological series written by Tom Bray. A mystifying labyrinth, split amongst four different main perspectives. blurring the lines between the real world and The Drift.

Okay, before I start, I have a tiny confession to make: I’m an A-level philosophy student dropout. I just couldn’t deal with all the far-fetched theories and probing questions (is a spoon really a spoon?) so I threw in the metaphorical towel. But that doesn’t mean I stopped reflecting on the true reality of life. I mean, is there really another ‘me’ out there, with a healthy bank account, basking in the sunshine in the Bahamas? I think we can all agree that one of the most fascinating topics to speculate about is the possibility of different universes or afterlife’s and that’s why I jumped at the chance to read this book.

First and foremost, what I absolutely love about this book is the originality. Whilst reading this enchanting tale, I felt like I was Alice, falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole leading to wonderland. Granted, there are plenty of psychological books based on parallel universes/paranormal activity but there is something about Merging The Drift which makes it stand out amongst the rest. Perhaps, it’s because the author has managed to take such a deep, fantastical topic and transform it into something relatable to the normal, every day. Going through the chapters, readers will be able to relate to the drudgery of work, family trauma, rocky relationships and the longing, the desperation to connect with your departed loved ones. For such a mind-blowing subject, it all makes perfect sense. When you boil it down, this book is simply just about a group of normal, every-day people, trying to navigate their way through the great mysteries of life and death. Speaking of the characters, they are incredibly compelling and completely authentic. Kitty is so headstrong and sassy. Ali is a laid back, no – nonsense kind of dude. Danny just longs for the comfort of a single life and he has hilarious one liners. And Kerri, wow, Kerri is just freaking amazing; my new fictional heroine! Even Gil, the Drift’s favourite drunkard, is a stellar character ( although, I do have a sneaky suspicion about Gil. I think I have the man sussed). As you read through the book, you long to know how these four characters are connected. The dialogue (one of my favourite things about this book) and the inner thoughts of each character is so realistic and believable. Unfortunately, when it comes to dialogue, many authors do not pay attention to natural human speech, leaving their characters stilted and contrived. I’m not sure if Tom Bray studied real conversations on his commute, banter between friends or if he simply took inspiration from family conversations around the dinner table, because damn, it’s impressive! From the use of colloquialisms to the dialect, every single character is outstanding. Also, the added wit and sarcastic remarks provide some much needed comic relief at times. The pace of events unfold at a steady speed. You are not constantly waiting for something to happen, but at the same time, nothing feels rushed. Moreover, I felt I was reading four stories for the price of one because of the multiple narratives. Yet, the crowning glory for me was the perfectly executed story-telling of the author. Tom Bray is a master storyteller, conjuring up such striking imagery with his words, making you race through the pages wanting more.

Dislikes? Some of the chapters involving lecherous men are uncomfortably raw. A bit too hard to read and process.

Other than that, this book is a masterpiece.

In conclusion, author Tom Bray gets a 4 out of 4 stars rating from me. This story made my brain ache and my emotions run high. I can’t wait for the next instalment! Warning -once you finish reading this book, you may start to question your own existence. In the words of Queen ” Is this real-life? Is this just fantasy?”.

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