Book Review – Murphy Murphy and the Case of Serious Crisis

Murphy Murphy comes from a long line of male Murphys. All were named Murphy and all were cops. This Murphy heads the Department of Redundancy Department and his superior officer, Captain David “Dud” Hill has found him a case. The Captain’s niece is in a rock ‘n roll band called Serious Crisis, and it seems items belonging to members of the band have started to disappear.

Were these items stolen? Were they simply lost? As Murphy Murphy works the case, he must chase down the clues all the while dealing with grammatical anomalies that drive him crazy. As Murphy gets closer to the answers he seeks, one more “thing” goes missing; the Captain’s niece. Suddenly, in an instant, the stakes in the case of Serious Crisis become a lot more dire.

Part Jasper Fforde, part Michael Connelly; Murphy Murphy and the Case of Serious Crisis combines humor, mystery, and grammar goofs as the detective pursues clues and suspects from coast to coast. It’s an entertaining and educational read for all ages.

My Review

I am declaring Murphy Murphy and the Case of Serious Crisis by Keith Hirshland as my favourite book of 2021. Guys, nothing works up the adrenaline like accompanying a no-nonsense detective on a tricky investigation. The clues, the twists, the dash of romance, the snappy dialogue – these are some of the key ingredients used to make a great mystery novel. But Sophie, what makes this particular book stand out!? My fellow book worms, allow me to explain.

Okay, let me gather my thoughts. Honestly, I really don’t know where to start because this compelling mystery book has completely scorched my brain – in a good way. This is the second book I have read by Keith Hirshland and I knew, without even reading the blurb, that I was in for a treat. Following the same winning formula as his third book The Flower Girl Murder ( by the way, loved the little shameless plug on page 141) this novel wastes no time and begins at a cracking speed. There’s no fumbling around, waiting for the story to kick in. You are immediately introduced to the man of the hour, Detective Murphy Murphy and a whole host of colourful characters. For any rookie writers out there: no matter how compelling your story is, readers simply won’t care if they do not gravitate towards the stars of the show. Not to worry with this novel, because every single character steps up to the plate – from Judith to Pravit ( I wonder if Booger has any relation to Chef Boogie from The Flower Girl Murder?). Quirky, riveting and full of distinct features, there’s nothing half-assed about the characters of Keith Hirshland. With great characters, comes great dialogue and by god, it’s spectacular. The dialogue is so quick, snappy and laugh out loud hilarious, especially from my new favourite detective. Murphy Murphy loves Mozart, Jameson whisky, but hates redundant phrases e.g. ‘serious crisis’. Honestly, you could say this book is a 2 in 1 murder mystery/ grammar lesson. I wish I could meet Mr Murphy Murphy in person just to ask him how he feels about emoji’s. His put – downs, his sarcastic inner thoughts, are one of a kind. Whilst reading, I actually think I developed a little crush on Murphy. After all, wit is an extremely attractive trait – sorry, Charlie!

Anyway, back to the book- apologies for the fan girling.

 I like how the story is told from different viewpoints. The narratives are split between Murphy to the band, giving the book a multi-layered feel. There’s nothing worse than characters all clumped together in a room- very claustrophobic. Putting the entertainment to one side, the mystery itself keeps you on your toes. This is not your clichéd ” girl found dead in a ditch” story. The plot is centred around a rock band; how cool is that?! As you keep turning the pages, your mind tries to frantically piece the puzzle together. Was Lyndsey Howslund kidnapped? Was she murdered? Is she a rock n roll runway? Towards the end of the book, I had my suspicions about the character Mags. ( I was thinking Magpies. That’s all I’m going to say) but I was beaten in the end.

My only dislike. In the Richie Pizzoni chapters there was no “leaning tower of Pizzer” gag.

In conclusion, Keith Hirshland has struck gold again. From the storyline to the dialogue, each intricate detail shapes this novel into something of a masterpiece. I can honestly envision a film version of this book because every page seems to bursts with energy. Much to my delight, I’m pleased that there is an audiobook version in the works. So guys, if you are looking for an entertaining, mentally stimulating book to read, then is this one! I promise you will not be disappointed.

P.S. This review has been double checked for redundant phrases.


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